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A customized stone feature can be the perfect way to add functionality and bit of unique style to your home. The team at Langeli's Stoneworks and Construction Ltd. works closely with residential clients from across the Calgary area and southern Alberta to design and create custom stone and brick work and complete construction and landscaping projects in and around your home.

We started as a small natural stone business, and over the past 15 years we have continued to grow and expand. Our team will work with you through every step of the construction and renovation process, from design to completion. We complete every unique project on-time, on-budget and to your exact specifications.

Why Natural Stone?

The world's finest architectural designs have always included natural stone. Building with natural stone is a tribute to the everlasting beauty, strength, stability and permanence of any structure or landscape. In any application, natural stonework becomes the focal point, such as stone quoins around a doorway, windows, fireplace and anywhere around the house.

Increase the Value of Your Home

It can be as simple as a small pillar holding a number, or the main feature of the landscape in your garden, such as a flowerbed, paved walkways, floors, or the sturdy pillars underneath your deck. When natural stonework becomes a part of the house, the aspect and value of that structure changes and provides a satisfying experience to the homeowner.

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  • Interior and exterior natural stone masonry applications
  • Brick and block work
  • Cultured stone
  • Fireplaces
  • Pizza ovens
  • Landscaping enhancement projects
  • Stone flooring applications
  • Chimney construction and restoration (both wood and frame and masonry)
  • Any type of masonry restorations
  • Graffiti removal

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Calgary • Southern Alberta

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